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Oklahoma State University

About the WHRC

WHRC - Web Handling Lab Equipment

The Web Handling Research Center (WHRC) at Oklahoma State University is an Industry / University Cooperative Research Center. It was originally established in 1986 as a National Science Foundation Center (I/UCRC). The WHRC is the only center of its type in the world.

From the time of initiation, the WHRC focus has been on expanding the knowledge base in web handling, as well as codifying and transferring knowledge and information to our industrial sponsors and others that are concerned about web handling.

The research and technology transfer activities of the WHRC are sponsored by a group of well-known industrial firms. Reports received from industrial sponsors indicate that outcomes of the activities of the Center have resulted in substantial improvements in products and processes, and in return on investment.

The WHRC faculty expertise is uniquely matched to the technologies that underlie web handling. Faculty members and students from Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering are involved in the Center.

The WHRC laboratory facilities are extensive and allow transport of webs ranging frm nonwovens to metals. Featured facilities are a high-speed web line capable of running 30" wide webs at transport speeds up to 5000 ft. per minute, a transport line that supports experimental studies related to transport and tension control, and a high-speed low-tension line for studies of lightweight webs.

The Web Handling Research Center is an Industry / University partnership that is working!