Faculty & Staff


J.K. Good, Ph.D.

Noble Foundation Endowed Chair
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Research areas:

  • Winding
  • Wrinkling

E-mail: james.k.good@okstate.edu

Karl Reid, Ph.D.

Executive Director
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology

Research areas:

  • Longitudinal Dynamics
  • Control Strategies

E-mail: karl.reid@okstate.edu

Prabhakar Pagilla, Ph.D.

TEES Professor
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University

Research areas:

  • Lateral Dynamics & Control
  • Longitudinal Dynamics & Control

E-mail: p.pagilla@okstate.edu

Ron Lynch, B.S., P.E.

President and Owner of R.J. Lynch   Associates, LLC
Lecturer, Web Handling Research Center

Research areas:

  • Basic Web Handling Seminar

E-mail: ronjlynch@hotmail.com


Ron Markum, M.S.

Senior Research Engineer
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Research areas:

  • Winding
  • Instrumentation

E-mail: ron.markum@okstate.edu

Sharon Green

Administrative Coordinator
Web Handling Research Center

E-mail: sharon.green@okstate.edu