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Oklahoma State University


Research problems pursued are fundamental and generic - and not specific to a particular material. Emphasis is on the following:

  • Mathematical model development for web handling "primitives" based on first principles
  • Experimental parameter identification and model validation
  • Computer modeling and simulation

Fundamental and generic research studies are conducted in the following areas:

  • Mechanics of winding and unwinding
  • Longitudinal dynamics and tension control
  • Lateral dynamics and control; guiding and tracking
  • Out-of-plane dynamics
  • Wrinkling
  • Air films between webs and rollers
  • Aerodynamic effects in transport
  • Measurement of tension, wound roll properties, and physical properties
  • Precision Lateral and Longitudinal Registration for Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing

Materials considered in these research studies include plastic films, papers of all types, thin metals, and composites.

Specialized WHRC facilities include the winding/wrinkling laboratory, the web transport laboratory, the high-speed low-tension web line laboratory, the precision registration web line laboratory,and the high speed web line laboratory.